About Us

It has been ten years now that we have been specializing in growing of decorative pumpkin, including haloween pumpkin. We are the biggest pumpkin grower in Poland with cultivation area extending over 30 hectares.

Our products sell domestically as well as at the western market. The biggest contractors outside of Poland are Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Our product offer features a number of varieties differing in shape, colour, and most of all the size and the possible use.

Observing an increasing interest in our products, we constantly expand the cultivation area as well as variety of products.

We would like to invite you to review our wide selection of products and contact us. We will gladly answer any of your questions and advise you in case you need support.

Pumpkin sales start around the 1st of August!



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  • 24-170 KURÓW

  • Tel. 668-837-840

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